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18 December 2023

2023 gave us a great boost!

The end-of-the year newsletter of the foundation shows: 2023 was a good year for the local community in our project area.

Desks with laptops

21 August 2023

Funding commitment for the electrification of the Gatora Primary School received!

With its "genialsozial" programme, the Youth Foundation of Saxony is funding the electrification of the "Ecole Primaire Gatora", the installation of a computer room and various training programmes.

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11 August 2023

Electrification of Cyirabo Primary School completed!

A Rwandan solar company completed the solar installation with batteries and the AC electrical installation with lamps and sockets after three weeks of construction.

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28 July 2023

House for a homeless family is under construction!

Sustainable Villages Foundation builds a model house for a homeless family in Rugarama village.

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30 June 2023

English training is extremely popular!

At the request of many, Sustainable Villages Foundation (SVF) has been offering English training for teachers at Juru Primary School since April 2023.

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11 May 2023

One goat or one sheep for each farmer!

In addition to the distribution of goats/sheep, the agricultural training focused on topics as diverse as hygiene, microfinance and networking with local authorities.

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3 April 2023

Grand opening of the nursery school!

After six months of construction, the first phase of the nursery school was opened with a celebration. Over 100 officials, parents, children and other guests attended the celebrations.

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17 March 2023

Great progress in agricultural training!

Since December 2022, 50 smallholder farmers have been trained in agricultural techniques with an agroecological approach.

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24 February 2023

IT training of teachers is progressing well!

Right after the Smart Classroom was set up at Ecole Primaire Juru in October 2022, IT training began. The more than 20 teachers can now all use the laptops.

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31 January 2023

Two more primary schools are to be electrified!

The foundation has included two more primary schools in the electrification programme. Both schools are also to be equipped with laptops.

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14 December 2022

Training of 50 farmers started!

We started the training of 50 farmers in the pilot villages. Six drip irrigation systems will be built in the course of the project.

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21 October 2022

International visit to the pilot villages!

As part of the Offgrid Solar Forum in Kigali, 60 participants from all over the world visited the two pilot villages.

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14 October 2022

"Smart Classroom" set up!

Sustainable Villages Foundation, together with the "Ecole Primaire de Juru" and with financial support from the Schmitz Foundations' Small Projects Fund, has set up a Smart Classroom with 31 Windows laptops.

Bau des Kindergartens

06 October 2022

Construction of the nursery school has started!

After a short delay, the construction of the nursery school /ECD (Early Childhood Development) has now started. The first phase consists of a classroom, an office, a kitchen and sanitary facilities.

Diskussion mit Grundschullehrern

09 September 2022

The primary school now has solar power!

In cooperation with a local Rwandan solar company, the electrification of the "Juru Primary School" with almost 900 pupils and 20 classrooms was completed today. 

Bau des Kindergartens

01 August 2022

Baseline needs assessment finalized!

We have been working on the basis of the needs assessment data since last year. After intensive work, it has now finally been completed as a document.

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20 July 2022

Memorandum of Understanding for construction of nursery school signed!

Earth Enable, a social enterprise that offers affordable and durable earthen housing solutions, and the Foundation signed a MoU for the construction of the model house in the pilot village Rugarama.

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29 June 2022

Memorandum of Understanding on school electrification agreed!

Juru Primary School and the Foundation signed a MoU to electrify the primary school with a solar system, to install a smart classroom with laptops and to support teacher training in IT and English.


25 May 2022

Board of Trustees' Chairpersons elected

Francine Munyaneza, the CEO and Founder of Munyax Eco, has been elected as Chairwoman of Sustainable Villages Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Olivier Kraft, an Independent Consultant in Finance, has been elected as Deputy Chairman. Both are based in Kigali.

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20 April 2022

95% of households now have electricity!

In the villages of Rugarama and Bisgara, 95% of households now have solar power. 16% of households have optimised cook stoves that use 80% less firewood than conventional three-stone fireplaces.

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11 April 2022

Agreement with "MINALOC" and "RGB"!

In a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Sustainable Villages Foundation (SVF) and the Ministry for Local Governance (MINALOC) have described the fields of activity of the foundation. The Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) has recognised SVF as an "International Non-Governmental Organisation".

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24 September 2021

Household electrification via local savings groups!

In the villages of Rugarama and Bisgara, ENGIE Energy Access (formerly Mobisol) has installed small solar offgrid systems (three lamps, radio, mobile phone charging) in 30% of households without electricity.

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11 August 2021

The school has water again!

The cistern of the primary school in Bisagara is repaired and filled with water!

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30 April 2021

First projects launched!

Immediately following the needs assessment and household survey, the first projects were launched.