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24 September 2021

30% of households without power electrified!

In the villages of Rugarama and Bisgara, ENGIE Energy Access (formerly Mobisol) has installed small solar offgrid systems (three lamps, radio, mobile phone charging) in 30% of households without electricity.

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11 August 2021

The school has water again!

The cistern of the primary school in Bisagara is repaired and filled with water!

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30 April 2021

First projects launched!

Immediately following the needs assessment and household survey, the first projects were launched.

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28 April 2021

Successful household survey and needs assessment!

What is really needed in the two pilot villages?


19 February 2021

Website goes online!

A lot of creativity and a lot of effort went into the website, finally it's live!


11 November 2020

Founding act completed

The "Sustainable Villages Foundation" was recognised by the responsible foundation authority on 11 November 2020.