We support villages in Rwanda

We address the issues of energy, food, water, health, education and income in their interplay.

We are investigating the chances of new decentralised technologies in a pilot village. This is done with scientific support within the framework of field tests.

About our project

„I am driven by the question: what external impetus has to be given, what existing impulse has to be reinforced, in order to initiate a development away from poverty in the village environment? A development that is self-sustaining and continues without outside help. Not just in one village, but in a large number of villages. We will find out through practical action with scientific support!“

Joachim Hauschopp, Founder


News of our work


19 February 2021

Website goes online!

A lot of creativity and a lot of effort went into the website, finally it's live!

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11 November 2020

Founding act completed

The "Sustainable Villages Foundation" was recognised by the responsible foundation authority on 11 November 2020.

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7 November 2020

Pilot village identified

The village of Bisagara in Bugesera, south of Kigali, was selected as the pilot village.

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