We support villages in Rwanda

We address the issues of energy, agriculture&food, water, health, education and income in their interplay.

We are investigating the chances of new decentralised technologies in a pilot village. This is done with scientific support within the framework of field tests.

About our project

„I am driven by the question: what external impetus has to be given, what existing impulse has to be reinforced, in order to initiate a development away from poverty in the village environment? A development that is self-sustaining and continues without outside help. Not just in one village, but in a large number of villages. We will find out through practical action with science based support!“

Joachim Hauschopp, Founder

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20 April 2022

95% of households now have electricity!

In the villages of Rugarama and Bisgara, 95% of households now have solar power. 16% of households have optimised cook stoves that use 80% less firewood than conventional three-stone fireplaces.

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11 April 2022

Agreement with "MINALOC" and "RGB"!

In a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Sustainable Villages Foundation (SVF) and the Ministry for Local Governance (MINALOC) have described the fields of activity of the foundation. The Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) has recognised SVF as an "International Non-Governmental Organisation".

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24 September 2021

Household electrification via local savings groups!

In the villages of Rugarama and Bisgara, ENGIE Energy Access (formerly Mobisol) has installed small solar offgrid systems (three lamps, radio, mobile phone charging) in 30% of households without electricity.

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