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Education and Training

Participation through education

More than 700 million people live in extreme poverty, many of them in rural areas. Large parts of the people in rural areas live from farming and animal husbandry. Surpluses are sold, yet income is often very low. When "new technologies" come to the village, the villagers should also benefit economically. This requires education and training.

Training in solar, water, cooking energy

Solar and water systems need to be installed, maintained and repaired. Salespeople are needed for both areas, just as they are for cooking equipment. Because we follow a market-based approach. We organise training for technicians and salespersons. Where necessary and useful, we support school education, e.g. by promoting English lessons.

Optimisation of agriculture

Higher yields in agriculture also lead to higher incomes. Malnutrition can occur if the crops cultivated do not allow for a balanced diet. Wherever necessary, we organise training on improved farming methods.

Open for what is to come

Where training needs arise in the course of the project that we do not see today, we will take action. For example, training in the field of tourism could be relevant in the future. We are discussing this.