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Clean Water

Water is life

785 million people have no access to clean (drinking) water. Clean water is a prerequisite for maintaining health. A sufficient supply of water is necessary for productive agriculture, which in turn is important for nutrition and income generation. In the pilot village, different approaches to water provision are being tried out.

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 What clean water does

  • Preventing diseases and even death from unclean drinking water
  • Improving general hygiene and sanitation, e.g. by giving people the opportunity to wash their hands regularly.
  • Avoiding heart and respiratory diseases caused by exhaust fumes that occur when water is boiled. Avoiding deforestation for firewood that is used to boil water.
  • Elimination of the time-consuming and tedious transport of water in canisters over longer distances.
  • Securing agricultural yields through irrigation.
  • Increasing the annual crop cycle and thus increasing yields, food security and farmers' incomes.
  • Enabling fish farming where appropriate