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Promotion of Entrepreneurship

Unleashing local power

Our goal is to generate as much local value creation as possible - for the economic benefit and in ownership of local actors. Therefore, we plan to promote local business start-ups in the following areas.

Offgrid Solar Electrification

The aim is to establish companies that sell, install and maintain solar systems and related products. Where necessary, they should also be able to carry out repairs.

Clean Water

We promote business start-ups for sales, installation, repair and plant operation. End-customer training in the agricultural sector might also be part of the company's range of tasks. If necessary, franchisees in the areas of drinking water treatment and bottled water sales are also to be promoted.

Cooking Appliances

Here, too, the focus is on business start-ups for sales as well as maintenance and repair. Where small biogas plants are used, also installation will be part of the business. Another important focus is end-customer training.

Encourage start-ups

We promote the founding of (small-scale) companies. On the one hand, the promotion consists of supporting the training of founders/employees in the sales and technical areas, but also training on business management and special topics such as accounting or taxes are to be offered.

Funding support

We strive to establish contacts with (start-up) capital providers. Securing loans taken out by the founders is also conceivable.