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We support villages in Rwanda

We address the issues of energy, agriculture&food, water, health, education and income in their interplay.

We are investigating the chances of new decentralised technologies in a pilot village. This is done with scientific support within the framework of field tests.

About our project

„I am driven by the question: what external impetus has to be given, what existing impulse has to be reinforced, in order to initiate a development away from poverty in the village environment? A development that is self-sustaining and continues without outside help. Not just in one village, but in a large number of villages. We will find out through practical action with science based support!“

Joachim Hauschopp, Founder

Desks with laptops

18 December 2023

2023 gave us a great boost!

The end-of-the year newsletter of the foundation shows: 2023 was a good year for the local community in our project area.

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Desks with laptops

21 August 2023

Funding commitment for the electrification of the Gatora Primary School received!

With its "genialsozial" programme, the Youth Foundation of Saxony is funding the electrification of the "Ecole Primaire Gatora", the installation of a computer room and various training programmes.

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Desks with laptops

11 August 2023

Electrification of Cyirabo Primary School completed!

A Rwandan solar company completed the solar installation with batteries and the AC electrical installation with lamps and sockets after three weeks of construction.

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